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Ideal for all types of businesses, Nano offers a seamless combination of effortless installation, 99% accuracy, and top-notch analytics, all accessible through a user-friendly mobile application. Powered by a USB-C adapter and connected via Wi-Fi, installation takes less than 5 minutes, allowing you to quickly begin receiving your data insights.

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Effortlessly retrieve and analyze your traffic data metrics using customizable reports, gaining a thorough insight into your customers' behavior from their entry to exit points. Accessible on mobile devices for added convenience. 

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We offer a broad spectrum of solutions designed to optimize your business operations and maximize profitability. These solutions range from people counting systems to zone analysis tools. The primary goal of our people counting solutions is to provide accurate data on customer traffic, helping you understand peak times and staff accordingly.

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We provide service to every business that has a human aspect and a physical location, from retail to shopping malls, from libraries to restaurants, thanks to our 99% accurate people counting sensors and our award-winning dashboard.

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Maximize Business Growth: Harness Customer Insights with our People Counter Solution